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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Excess (or Secondary) Accident Medical Coverage?

This means that the Policy considers eligible expenses that are not payable by any other insurance  (Group, Individual, Auto). If no other insurance is available, the Policy becomes Primary and considers the claims without Deductibles. Also if there is other coverage this plan will consider out of pocket expenses such as Deductibles and Co-insurance.  Excess Coverage for Mandatory plans with Gerber Life Insurance Company is not available in  ID, NH, SD and WA.  Voluntary Excess Coverage with Gerber Life Insurance Company is not available in are CT, ID, IL, MD, NH, NJ, NC, SD, TN and WA.

What is Primary Accident Medical Coverage?

This means that the Policy pays for Covered Medical Expenses from the first dollar, regardless if any other insurance is available (Group, Individual, Auto).   Primary Coverage for Mandatory plans available only in ID and SD.  Voluntary Primary Coverage is not available.

Is travel in my personal auto covered under the Accident Medical policy?

There is coverage on an Excess basis, for an Injury sustained while traveling to and from 1) a Regularly Scheduled Activity with other members as a group. The travel must be supervised by a person authorized by the school; and 2) the Insured's residence and the meeting place for the purpose of participating in the Regularly Scheduled Activity.

Who pays the claims?

Claims in most states are paid by WEB-TPA See the Claims page for additional information.

How are students and volunteers added or deleted to these plans?

The insurance companies have assumed in their pricing that the number of students and volunteers shown on the application will remain constant throughout the policy term. No additional premium or refunds will be made during the policy term. If your enrollment figures do change by more than 10%, we ask that you please notify us in writing.

Will we receive a copy of the Policies?

Yes. Each school will receive via email a Policy which will include all details of the coverages chosen as well as any applicable claim forms.

Are athletics covered under this plan?

Yes. All interscholastic sports are covered if this option is chosen and premium is paid. Additional premium is required for the football players in grades 9-12.

How often do I pay the premiums?

Premium is paid once a year at initial enrollment.  All rates are per participant per year.

Why do we need this type of coverage?

In today's litigious society, every organization is vulnerable to lawsuits. Student Accident Insurance provides valuable protection for the students, and also serves as a buffer to protect the organization's General Liability limits for catastrophic losses.

Is there a discount for buying all coverages?

No. Each insurance coverage is written as a separate policy and the rates are already fully discounted.