Dear Administrators:

We have put together a comprehensive program providing valuable programs to Pre K-12 Private, Independent, Religious, Charter, Magnet, and Montessori Schools throughout the United States..Our "A" Rated carrier has given us plans with low rates to keep your premiums affordable.  Our plans provide protection for students, athletes, and volunteers. We offer online enrollment and claim forms, which means no extra work for school administrators.

Providing this extra layer of protection to your Pre K-12 students is a wise decision.The cost is nominal for the benefits included. Provides additional peace of mind when students participate in higher risk activities, such as sports.


Provides coverage fo all enrolled students of the school, Pre-K through 12th grade and/or Boarding Students participating in school sponsored and
supervised activities, are eligible for and will be covered by this plan upon payment of premium. Coverage for Before & After School Students, Day Care, and Volunteer coverage is also available if Mandatory Coverage for Pre-K through 12th grade is purchased. Optional 24-Hour Plan available to parents to extend the valuable student coverage to 24 hours per day.


Provides a second layer of protection against rare but devastating catastrophic injuries, such as paralysis, head injuries, and heart and circulatory incidents. Coverage may include up to 10 years of disability payments and money for education. Coverage is Excess and is usually purchased in conjunction with Accident Insurance.


If you have questions, you may contact Insurance4PrivateSchools toll free at (800) 727-7642 ext 6103.
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